Find a signature perfume for your boyfriend this V-Day!

This Valentine’s day I want you to be able to pick that perfect perfume for your boyfriend or husband which will most certainly become his signature fragrance.

Every day should be a celebration of love, but there’s one particular day in a year when the world celebrates love in its many forms. You guessed it right: I’m talking about Valentine’s day or 14th February. With the onset of February begins the nerve-racking ordeal of picking the best gift to express your love for your beloved.

Today I am here to help you ladies pick up a rather special gift this Valentine’s day that your man will love. The perfect perfume for your man!

Perfume is much more than a bottle of liquid. It is a hallmark, an experience, and it is also a mark of identification. Haven’t you many times in your life identified someone by their signature scent? The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses, and a perfume engages our sense of smell taking us through a variety of emotions and feelings which often gets attached to the perfume and eventually to the person wearing it. But before picking up the perfect perfume this Valentine’s day it is very important to understand a few important concepts.

Understanding the Fragrance Families

Fragrance Families – Scent families are groups of scents that can be clubbed under one family based on the keynote in them.

Just like women’s perfumes have several notes and fragrance families men’s perfumes are also characterized by different notes or a group of notes. Understanding these notes is very important in picking the right perfume as it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the vast choices available.  Some of the dominant fragrance families are.

Citrus Fragrance family

These notes are mainly fresh, invigorating and have a highlight fragrance that has a sweet, citrusy note. Some of the common citrusy notes used in these types of perfumes are:

Top picks for Citrus fragrances

Woody Fragrance family

Woody fragrances are usually warm, and have a heady, opulent feel about them. These fragrances employ deep notes such as the smell of burnt Cedar, or sandalwood. notes in this fragrance family can be described as bitter, woody, earthy and coniferous. some of the key essences in this family are:

Top picks for Woody fragrances

Herbal Fragrance family

Herbal fragrances encompass a range of fresh, citrusy and herby essences. Often to create a more masculine and robust fragrance tart spice notes are added to the predominant herby notes. Some of the keynotes in these Herbal and fresh fragrances are:

Top picks for Herbal fragrances

Tobacco Fragrance family

These are rather strong fragrance notes. These fragrances have a smoky aroma about them. This fragrance family is rich yet warm and sweetish with rosy and fruity undertones. Some of the keynotes in this fragrance family are:

Top picks for Tobacco fragrances

Fruity Fragrance family

These fragrances have a tropical, sweet, powdery and have almost an edible note to them. The fruity fragrance family is one of the most common essence families. To undercut the sweetness and lend it a more masculine touch these fragrances sometimes combine subtle spice notes as well. Some of the keynote fragrances used in the fruity fragrance family are:

Top picks for Fruity fragrances

Oriental Fragrance family

The Oriental fragrance family consists of heady, exotic scents. Oriental fragrances are crafted to evoke the mysterious sense of the East. They are luxurious and opulent and this fragrance family is best described as mysterious, sensual and seductive. The keynotes in this fragrance group are mainly spice notes which are undercut and softened by amber or musk notes.

Top picks for Oriental fragrances

Understanding the notes

Notes as far as perfumery is concerned, refer to the scents that can be sensed as soon as the perfume is applied. Notes are separated into three groups: Top notes, middle notes and base notes.

Top notes, middle notes and base notes

Top notes

Top notes are also referred to as the headnotes and are at the very top layer of perfume. Top notes are the scents that are detected first after spraying the perfume. Top notes are the ones that evaporate quickly within 10 to 15 minutes but they are the key players in setting the first impression.

Heart notes

After the top notes bow out the heart notes start working their magic. Heart notes consist of more than 70 percent of the perfume. Their job is to retain the top notes, introduce new deeper fragrances and act as a buffer to the deeper base notes that may not smell that great when left on their own. Heart notes comprise robust aromas and fragrant oils. The heart note fragrances stay on for about 30 to 60 mins.

Base notes

Base notes along with the heart note form the body of the perfume. They give depth to the lighter notes. Since the base notes are made of deep and woody aromas they usually kick in after 30 mins and stay for over 6 hours.

Selecting his signature fragrance

Have you bought him a perfume before and he doesn’t quite seem to wear it as often as you’d like him to? Maybe it’s because you didn’t manage to choose the right one for him. Trust me, I’ve done this drill many times over and have learned that picking up a perfume is more than just going to a shop and picking up whatever appeals to me.

Men are different and so are their tastes in fragrances. The kind of perfume a man likes has greatly to do with the kind of man he is. Is he a bold guy, or a classic old school guy?

Here I have created a perfect guide for you to help you pick up the best fragrance for him based on his personality this Valentine’s day.

Know your man and his choice

Sensual and romantic

If your boyfriend or husband is a charming, suave man with a romantic side and sophisticated tastes awe him this valentine’s day with an exotic perfume with an Oriental touch. For a man like that, a perfume is an extension of his personality sensual yet mysterious.


Is your guy the traditional yet confident man? If he is the old school kind of a guy then a masculine fragrance for him is the right match. Go for a woody and musky fragrance for him with a touch of aromatic to awe him.

Bold and experimental

If your better half is a fashionable hunk who likes to stand out in a crowd, and sees life as an adventure he would dig a unique and vibrant perfume. A perfume that would make quite the impression. Choose a rather edgy perfume for him with leather, wood and spice notes.

Casual and boyish

If your man has that boyish air about him chances are he is a fan of light and crisp fragrances. He sees life as an adventure and wants to feel light and dive headlong. Choose a citrusy or fruity perfume for him, even perfumes with a green note will work for him.

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