6 Best Remedies to Take Care of Your Under Eye Skin

Under eye skin is the most sensitive part of our face. We all look forward to enjoying that little winter chill in the air, those warm snuggles and a cup of piping hot coffee. But, this very enjoyable winter air can wreak havoc on your under eye skin if you are not careful. There is not much you can do about the weather changes but there is much you can do to keep your skin from being adversely affected by the nippy weather.

Above everything else, your skin likes consistency and hence doesn’t take too kindly to abrupt drops in temperature or humidity. With every 1 degree Celsius drop in temperature, your skin produces 10% less oil.

This causes your skin to become flaky, chapped, dry and prone to wrinkles. Some of us start developing dry skin under the eyes which can be quite annoying to have. Here I’ll outline the most common reasons and cures for treating dry skin under the eyes.

First step – Understanding your skin

Your skin is the largest organ but it is not uniform. The skin on some parts of your body is thicker than the skin on other parts. The skin covering your face is the thinnest and the under eye skin is the most sensitive and most prone to damage.

Apart from the difference in the thickness of skin on different parts of the body, the number of hair follicles and concentration of sebaceous glands also vary from the skin on one part of the body to the other. Here are some facts about the skin around your eyes and how you can treat dry skin under your eyes especially during the onslaught of winter.

  •  The under eye skin s lacks oil glands and thus is prone to dryness and itching. The hot water baths during winter aggravate the situation and strips it further of moisture. To avoid this from happening, be sure to wash your face with lukewarm water and a mild face wash.
  • The skin under your eyes is thinner (it can be up to ten times thinner than the skin on your face), so you should make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and applying a mild moisturizer that contains vitamin E.
  • The loss of collagen causes the under-eye skin to become less elastic, dry and prone to ageing. To tackle that problem, make positive changes in your diet and apply a cream with antioxidants.

Ways to treat dry under-eye skin

The good news is that treating the under eye skin is not as hard as it might seem. They are so much more sensitive than your face and need extra care but that doesn’t mean you have to put in extra effort to take care of it. Effective yet simple remedies to take care of your dry under-eye skin can be found in your house itself.

Here is a list of a few home remedies as well as store-bought remedies that can effectively help you relieve your under eye skin dryness without much effort.

Kitchen counter remedies


It is a well-known fact that aloe vera gel has soothing and moisturizing qualities that cannot be contested. You can buy them off the shelf from a drugstore, or you can even grow it in a little pot in your house. To use it, scoop out a good amount of gel from the container if you are using a packaged formula, and apply it under your eyes in small gentle circles.

The way in which you apply the product matters greatly. Your under-eye skin is extremely thin and is laden with capillaries. Vigorous motion tends to rupture the vessels resulting in dark circles and aggravated skin. Hence, the application of any product in the under eye skin area should always be in a gentle, circular motion. Now, instead of a store-bought product, if you’re using a fresh aloe vera plant, extract the gel from in between the leaves (use a spoon to scoop it out) and apply it under your eyes using the same circular motion.

Almond, olive or coconut oil

All of these oils are known for their anti-oxidizing and moisturizing qualities. Take a tiny amount of either of these oils on your fingertips and massage them gently around your eyes, and go take your beauty nap. This locks in the moisture and hydrates the delicate skin under the eyes.


If you are not a big fan of oils, yet want to treat your dry under eyes in the most natural way possible, honey can be a great option for you. Honey is loaded with antioxidants and is a very effective moisturizer. Apply a little quantity of honey under your eyes using your fingers in gentle circular motions to battle those flaky under eye patches and get supple glowing skin. Using honey for treating dry under eye skin also inhibits the growth of crow’s feet or wrinkles.

Food and lifestyle changes

These remedies might come off as very commonplace, and oft-heard but therein lies the wisdom of the crowd and the ages. If it has been said so many times, there must be some wisdom in it. If you want to take care of your skin and more so of the under-eye area, be sure to include a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your diet.

Try to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and increase your fluid intake. It has been medically studied and proven that when the body stores up toxins and when major organs like the liver or kidney dysfunctions, the first sign is bags under your eyes or discolouration or darkening of areas under your eyes. This is caused due to the toxic buildup in your body. There is truly no shortcut to good skin or healthy plump under eye skin other than positive lifestyle changes, a good diet and skincare.

Avoid Using Abrasive Skin Products

Another very useful tip in treating dry under-eye skin is avoiding abrasive products. Avoiding abrasive and chemical-laden products on your face and especially on the under-eye area goes a long way in keeping it hydrated and young. When you’re using an exfoliant on your face or a product which is rather harsh avoid your under-eye area and also try to use natural products. Products which are not laden with artificial perfumery or too many chemicals aids in ensuring the health of your skin and especially your very sensitive under-eye area.

Under-eye creams and solutions to treat dryness

There are quite a few products available in the market that will help you relieve your dry flaky and dry skin especially during the savage winter months, but here we have picked only the best and most effective ones that you can use to treat dry under-eye skin.

Caffeine solution from The Ordinary

One particularly good product which can be used to relieve dry under-eye skin and also relieve dark circles is the caffeine solution from the ordinary. This brand is known for its phramacutecially accurate products that are devoid of perfumery or extra unnecessary chemicals. This caffeine solution gives an instant boost to your under eyes and also makes it plump, thereby removing any flaky, dry or, chapped skin.


This is also another very good brand which brings about really good skincare products. their under eye creams and solutions also aid in relieving under-eye darkness, puffiness or flaky dry skin, especially during the winter months.

Vitamin E cream

The other product which cannot be left out from this list is the under-eye vitamin e cream from the body shop. Now, this brand is known for its cruelty-free products and natural ingredients. What better way of treating your under-eye sensitive skin rather than a natural product imbued with the goodness and the richness of vitamin e. This product helps alleviate dark circles, under-eye puffiness, and smooths out and hydrates the skin under your eyes.

Your face is the mirror of your body, not only are your emotions displayed on it but also your lifestyle, the stress that you endure and the hardships that you incur. All of it takes its toll on your skin and definitely on the most sensitive part of your face which is the under-eye area. The stress that you incur, the amount of toxins that you ingest on a day-to-day basis manifests itself in the form of skin problems on your face and especially under your eyes disguised as puffiness, dryness and dark circles.

Taking care of your body and your face is not a matter of beauty or fashion alone but is a matter of well being it is not a choice but a necessity and must be taken seriously. Therefore be a little more cautious about your food, what you apply on your face and how much stress you endure.

Be sure to take good care of your skin especially during these chilly months of winter when the weather wages war against your skin. Be sure to moisturize your face and especially take very good care of your under-eye area because your under-eye area is most prone to being damaged by age and weather. Keep yourself hydrated, make positive lifestyle changes and use these homemade products or marketed products to ensure healthy under eyes as opposed to flaky dry under eyes.

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