The Best Guide for Buying an Electric Shaver in India

Recently, there has been a surge in the demand for electric shavers in the market. Due to this surge in popularity, we decided to outline the steps to selecting and buying an electric shaver in this handy buying guide. The good old razor is still a popular choice for many, but if you want to opt for a safer alternative, you might want to consider investing in a good shaver.

In this post, we’ll cover the basic technical requirements that you should look for. Similar to picking the best phone to suit your needs, this product too needs a fair amount of research to be done. A good electric shaver gives you a near-perfect shave and is most suitable for people who want to avoid cuts and nicks while shaving. Here are some points to consider before choosing the best electric shaver for your needs.

Using an electric shaver has reduced the need for a manual razor and the use of skin drying shaving creams. Overall, my skin feels better and not dried out after a wet shave with an electric shaver.

Do note that this is a comprehensive guide for electric shavers available in India. Making a move from a manual razor to an electric shaver has been good for me. I am usually a quick dresser and buying an electric shaver has reduced my shaving time significantly and also gives me a closer shave consistently. Here are some of the features you should look for in a good men’s shaver.

Foil or rotary type shaver

For some of us, we like a clean shaved look every morning instead of a light stubble. It is important to know what type of look you’re looking for. Once you identify your shaving purpose, you have two main choices to pick from. There are foil type shavers and rotary head shavers. It is easy to distinguish between the two because of their distinct shape and design. Foil shavers have a thin metal foil on top of the shaving head. This foil is a thin mesh which cuts hair that enters through it. These foils are very thin and very much capable of giving a smooth shave. Most importantly, if you have sensitive skin, this shaver keeps a physical gap between your skin and the cutting head. This ensures no direct contact with a blade and makes it very safe to use.

On the other hand, rotary shavers have a different design altogether. Instead of one cutting head, they have three cutting discs. They sit under a metal cover which works in a similar fashion as a foil shaver. If you have facial hair growing in different directions (especially along the jawline), I would suggest looking into shavers with a rotary head. They are perfect in the sense that the moving head is designed to move along the contours of the face. Perfect for use in wet and dry situations, the rotary and foil type shavers are the perfect low-maintenance shaving devices.

Choosing between Wet or dry shavers

Most decent shavers can be used for wet and dry applications and it is important to look for this feature before making a purchase. If you’re looking for a beard trimmer for keeping your stubble short, you can opt for a dry shaver. But, in most cases, if you’re considering a replacement for a manual razor, the best thing to do is to go for a wet and dry shaver. If you’re in the shower, you can use this shaver without any hassle as the water makes the beard softer. When picking a wet/dry shaver, be sure to read the product features. Some models do not work well with gels or shaving cream usage. These are mostly the ones which come with a cleaning and charging dock and you might void the warranty if used with gels or creams.

Plug in or battery operated

If you opt for a plug-in model, ensure that the shaver is fully charged before you use it. This is the most economical option over a battery operated electric shaver. I would suggest buying a battery powered shaver only if you’re constantly on the go and do not have time to charge it for hours. If you purchase a good brand that comes with a charger or charging stand, they usually reach full charge in 8 hours and give around 30-45 minutes of usage time. I usually charge my Braun once every two weeks and I get a good number of shaves from every single charge.

Ease of cleaning an electric shaver

This is an important factor to consider since this is basically a hygiene product. You will be using this on your face and the shaving head needs to be kept clean at all times. Foil and rotary head shavers can be washed under running water (if they’re wet/dry models) and then kept aside to dry properly. It is not advised to keep it in a clean and dry place after usage. Most models come with a small plastic cleaning brush that comes in handy when cleaning out the excess hair. I usually run my device through running water and haven’t faced any issues yet.

Price range to consider

Perhaps one of the most important factors that go into buying an electric shaver is the price range and your budget. I would strongly suggest to pick a reputed brand that has a good warranty policy. My personal favorite is the Braun and I hope to upgrade to a Series 9 in the near future. The value for money is excellent and I have had zero issues with operation, usage, cleaning and charging so far.

Replacement blades and their availability

Besides picking a top-notch shaving device, it is important to see whether the device head (shaving head) can be replaced or not. Most good brands offer replacement heads and they are available for purchase online. This is great because if you’re investing a decent amount of money in this device, it should not be a use-and-throw situation.

I hope you found this article informative and useful. I usually research the internet for two to three weeks before making a big purchase. Especially, if the product is related to health, hygiene or wellness, good research is of utmost importance.

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