8 Best Budget Yoga Pants for Women

Once upon a time, Yoga pants were exclusive to the gym but not anymore. Because of the extreme comfort, they offer yoga pants have successfully found their way into mainstream fashion. They are now a part of day to day life, from being lounge-wear to active-wear, yoga pants rule them all.

Honestly, if I could live in my yoga tights, I would, and there is no reason why you can’t do the same. Yoga pants for women are comfortable and stylish and if you know how to style them right with the perfect tank top or shirt, they can very well pass off as casual wear for a hangout. Here is my round-up on the eight best yoga pants for women.

Our Top Pick: Jockey Women’s Cotton Capri

Whether its a yoga session or a dynamic workout at the gym, working out is always a sweaty affair. Jockey Women’s Cotton Capri comprises of over 90% cotton and only about 8% Spandex. This capri will surely give you all the comfort that you need while you’re at the gym. Moreover, these cotton yoga pants are available in a variety of cute and trendy colours.

I have very sensitive skin and can attest to the fact that these cotton yoga tights will be the perfect gym buddy for you if you are looking to avoid synthetic yoga pants.

Most Stylish: U.S Crown Women’s Polyester Yoga Pants

If you are looking for a stylish yet affordable pair of pants that will hug your curves in all the right places, the U.S Crown Polyester pant is the perfect fit for you. These pants are perfect for a sweaty session at the gym as its polyester and Elastam blend makes it easy to dry. These yoga pants come in a very stylish grey colour making it suitable for the gym as well as excellent for any casual occasion. Simply team it with a trendy t-shirt or tank top and you are good to go!

Most comfortable: Restless Women’s Crop Tights

Looking for a pair of yoga pants in which style meets comfort? Well, here is the Women’s Lycra crop tights from Restless. These yoga pants are made from imported Lycra fibres that make it stretchy. These yoga pants are engineered to fit and feel like a second skin. These pants have excellent waist grip and make you feel comfortable and secure as you sweat it out at the gym. Another practical and convenient feature is this that these pants come with a zipper pocket on the waistband for storing your cards and keys.

Notable mention: Puma Women’s Sports Tights

Next up on our list is this stylish pair of yoga pants from Puma. Hit the gym in style wearing these Puma tights. Not only are they extremely comfortable but also very stylish. These yoga pants are made from 77% polyester and 23% elastane. This composition ensures a great fit and extreme comfort. Moreover, these pants come with a very broad and comfortable waistband which avoids rolling up or rolling down of the pants while working out. These yoga pants also have wide elastic bands at the ankles to give it a smart look and better fit.

Hypoallergenic Pick: Jockey Women’s Cotton Lounge Pants

If you are not up to wearing skin-tight pants to the gym, these Jockeys women’s cotton lounge pants at the perfect find for you. These yoga pants for women are not skin tight but have a parallel fit. They are made from 92% cotton and 8% elastane. The super combed cotton stretch the fabric comfortably over your curves without clinging on to them, the fabric is super breathable. These pants are perfect for loungewear, activewear, and leisure-wear.

These yoga pants come in a variety of colours ranging from blue and maroon to cute pink pants that would make you want to go to the gym again and again just so that you can wear them!

Fitinc Lycra Black Stylish Leggings

Here is yet another amazing yoga pant from Fitinc. These Lycra yoga pants are made from high-quality 4-way stretch Lycra which adjusts your to the contours of your body and gives you a very flattering look. Not only are these pants stylish but extremely comfortable as they easily soak up the sweat from your workout and to keep you dry and comfortable all the while. On the style front as well, these pants score a perfect 10.

These pants are not just a pair of boring black pants but they have very stylish white stripes and net embellishments at the side to make it look very trendy. Now workout and sweat it out in style with the Fitinc Lycra Leggings for women.

ONESPORT Women’s Polyester Spandex

If you’re looking for just a pair of comfy black yoga pants that will be your gym buddy, as well as your leisure pants ONESPORT has just the perfect pair for you. These yoga pants are made from Spandex and polyester and have a beautiful athletic and stylish look about it.

Budget Pick: Modeve Women’s Cotton Track Pants

These sweatpants are the perfect blend of style, comfort and economy. Perfect for the summer and a sweaty workout, these pants come in a pack of two. It truly doesn’t get better than this! These yoga pants come in cute colours such as blue, grey melange and pink. These tights from Modeve are breezy as they are made from a cotton blend and have a rather relaxed yet stylish fit.

I hope you enjoyed reading this roundup of the trendiest yoga pants available on a budget. Do let me know in the comments section if you want to read more about workout wear and post-workout routines for women.

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