5 Elegant Lavie Handbags Every Woman Should Have

We women carry a small part of our world in our handbags. They are just not bags for us, but little carriers of our worlds. Lavie handbags should be picked with the utmost care. We deserve to have the best of them, but money is also an issue. Some of us are handbag connoisseurs and have dozens of them. The problem is, it is not possible to always buy the best designer bag that we’ve been eyeing. But, what if I told you that within a budget you could get bags that look classy, elegant and will amp up your look for every occasion?

Lavie is one of the best-known brands in India that designs amazing designer quality handbags and purses but all of it within a reasonable budget. All you have to know is how to pick the right ones and how to get your hand on those essential handbags that go well with every look and every colour outfit.

How to pick the perfect handbag?

Well, I am very much of a handbag buff and I have a few pro tips for you to help you pick the perfect handbag. Just keep these few points in mind and you are good to go.

Size matters

The size of the handbag matters. Your handbag should be in proportion to your frame and size. If you are a petite beauty, do not opt for a big handbag. It throws your frame off proportion. Always keep in mind that your handbag is a handy bag. Think of all the items that your handbag needs to carry, hence a very small bag is also not an option. Therefore opt for a medium-sized bag that will do justice to your frame and also serve its actual purpose.


Want to look rich and elegant on a budget? Be sure to opt for a structured, well-defined handbag with well-defined lines. Slouchy bags make even a very expensive bag look old, crinkly and cheap.


Trust me, you need them.  Well, I have learned this the hard way round. Compartments are necessary in a handbag. What if your water bottle starts leaking and there are important documents in the same compartment of your handbag? That would be a total disaster, right? Always make sure that your handbag has several compartments so that you can store several items in these little compartments safely, without hassle.


The stitching quality of your handbag matters. Before you pick up the handbag that you so desire, always check the stitching, the material and the inner linings of the bag. Do not go by looks alone because over time the look will fade and if the material or the stitching is of inferior quality, your favourite handbag will bide its time in the closet, unused.


You can buy any colour handbag that you may like, let no one tell you otherwise. But on a very practical note, we do need a few staples that go with anything at all. And these staples are usually picked based on colour. In the next section, I have enumerated a few such staple handbags every woman should have so read on.

Lavie Horse women’s handbag (brown)

First up on the list is an amazing number in brown. This Lavie handbag comes in a splendid tan brown colour which makes it suited for every occasion. Be it a brunch invitation or an evening party, you can carry this bag anywhere and do so in style. This bag is made out of a synthetic material which makes it very easy to maintain. This beautiful Tan number from Lavie also has one compartment and five pockets making it extremely easy to use and store your items. What makes it even more stylish is the snakeskin design patch at the front. This design gives it a bit of texture and glamour. This handbag also has a detachable strap and double handles which makes it easy to carry.

Lavie Elm Handbag (Red)

This vibrant red handbag from Lavie is the perfect combination of style and utility. This lovely handbag comes with laser-cut patterns and metal embellishments at the front to give it a very beautiful and elegant look. Moreover, this bag has five pockets which makes it a very handy bag. Now you know exactly where to keep your shades, lip balm and cell phone without having to stuff them all in one compartment! This handbag also has a detachable strap and adjustable sling belts for your comfort.

Lavie Zaynab women’s Tote Bag  (Cream)

Now, this one is my personal favourite, I bought this beauty a couple of months ago and haven’t yet gotten over how amazing and stylish this bag is. This is a horizontal tote bag with a lovely quilted finish which gives it a very chic and posh look and all in a budget. Moreover, this bag has two compartments, making it extremely useful and thus the perfect blend of style and utility. This Lavie handbag has a beautiful mellow cream colour making it perfect for any occasion, and almost any outfit at all. You can style this Lavie handbag with a pair of faded blue denims or a lovely floral chiffon saree and look equally dope.

Lavie Beech Women’s Handbag (Black)

This is yet another amazing handbag from Lavie that I own. This handbag is slightly smaller than the other ones on my list but is very compact and useful nonetheless. You simply cannot do without this black handbag as it is so versatile and elegant. The Lavie Beech handbag in Black has a lovely sheen about it and has metal embellishments in golden. Making it a perfect handbag for the evening. This bag also has detachable shoulder straps and handles. This Lavie handbag has a lovely vintage and old school charm about it and is a favourite of mine.

Lavie Qistina Women’s bag in Ochre

Lavie handbag A lovely handbag in an earthy shade fit for casual as well as formal occasions and best suited for a working woman. This handbag is spacious and has two compartments and five pockets. Whether you want to carry your trusty umbrella on a rainy day or pack your lunch in to stay healthy, this handbag will allow it all. The lovely ochre colour makes it a perfect fit for a sunny day. If you are on the run and need to stuff all you can in your tote, this handbag is your match made in heaven. The embossed patterns on the bag and the structured shape gives the bag a very elegant and expensive look. This Lavie handbag will look perfect with a pair of jeans or trousers and will spice up your everyday look.

I hope you like this curated list of my favorite handbags from Lavie. Pair these up with your favorite western wear or sarees, they will look equally amazing. You can read more about my roundup of the most essential sarees for every wardrobe.

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